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At the Artist’s Table: Southwestern Art & Cuisine 2016

Chef Colin Shane is a rising star in Santa Fe’s glowing culinary scene. For the last five years, he has worked for several acclaimed mentors in kitchens around the world. As the head of the kitchen at Arroyo Vino, he has won accolades from diners and critics with his inspired modern cuisine focusing on produce from the restaurant’s own on-site farm, as well as seasonal offerings of the surrounding area. Shane attended Santa Fe public schools for elementary and high school, and he is excited to give back to public education through this event.

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Past Chefs

Allen Smith, Santa Fe School of Cooking

John Rivera Sedlar, ELOISA

Michelle Roetzer, Santa Fe School of Cooking

James Campbell Caruso, La Boca

Cheryl and Bill Jamison

Ahmed Obo, Jambo Cafe

Tracy Ritter, Santa Fe School of Cooking